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Cover Reveal: The King of Crows by Libba Bray

Not only did the 1920s bring great industrial, political, and economic change, but it continues to inspire fashion and lifestyle as we know it. You thought Gossip Girl showed you what city-living was all about? Well, I guess it’s time to bring you into the world of the 1920s, Libba Bray-style. She takes all things great about that decade and combines it with supernatural and horror elements all the while giving us the romance that—let’s be honest here—we lust for in a YA series.

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Without Giving Spoilers, Here Are 8 Plot Twists We Did Not See Coming

There are few things I like more than being genuinely gagged by a well-finessed plot twist. A long-lost sibling appears to claim the throne? Sign me up. The best friend was scamming the MC from the start? Love it. They were all actually dead the whole freaking time? Here. For. That. In order to best appreciate a masterful plot twist, however, one must go into it completely blind to what’s about to go down. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite plot twists with 100% NO SPOILERS WHATSOEVER.

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7 of the Best Villains that YA Has to Offer

A flair for the dramatic. Killer one-liners. Blood-chilling machinations that leave your jaw on the floor. A truly outstanding villain will have all of these in abundance. Fortunately, or unfortunately for our favorite heroes, there are no shortage of villains in YA. The question is: who among this rogues’ gallery rises to the top? (Or sinks to the bottom, as is often required.)

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