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Choose a book, and we'll tell you which book you chose

It's pretty self-explanatory so I don't think it warrants an entire explanation, but if you must need one, then the directions are to: choose a book. Once you do, we will tell you which book you chose, and what it's about. How did I choose these books, you didn't ask? Well, I just went through my folder of book covers and chose them...which is what you're going to do for this quiz.

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5 Books for When You Need a Vacation

YOU DESERVE A BREAK. All that working and studying you’ve been doing is really tiring you out. Unfortunately, not all of us can escape our daily lives right away (or escape this polar vortex UGH). So I’m glad that all I really need is a great book to relax, see new places, and take time off from my regular routine. If you are also in need of a vacation, here are some books that will help you get away!

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Galentine's Day Books for Your BFF

Happy Galentine’s Day, NOVLers! Today we’re celebrating friendship in all its forms, from unexpected connections to complicated high school cliques to closer-than-siblings bonds and more. In case you need a little themed reading material or a last minute Galentine’s Day gift for your BFF, we’ve compiled a list of our six favorite friendship reads:

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