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6 Underrated Characters that Honestly Deserve More Attention

It is a truth universally acknowledged that YA has many MANY beloved characters. But for every character we know and love well, there are so many others that deserve more attention! So here are some of my favorite LBYR characters that I think should have more folks rallying around them. Go hug them. Go love them. GO!

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Books About Grief, Because Emotions Are Weird and We Need to Talk About Them

Feelings are weird. Brains are weird. Grief is weird. So when it comes to dealing with grief, it’s completely normal to feel like nothing makes sense, or that the world is turned upside down. But in our hours of need, books are always there for us to help us cope. They might not solve our problems, but it sure does help to know you’re not the only person feeling this way.

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Direct Your Dream YA Contemporary, and We'll Give You A Book Rec

There are too many great YA contemporary novels that deserve to be made into movies—so how are you going to choose which one's the right book for you to adapt? By taking this NOVL quiz of course! Direct your dream teen contemporary movie, and we'll give you a book you should consider adapting.

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