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8 OwnVoices Authors and Books to Read Right Now

We are undergoing a revolution right now. I’m finally seeing more covers with characters that look like me—like on Maureen Goo’s books—and reading stories with characters that love like I do—three cheers to that ace representation in Let’s Talk About Love! Minorities in the YA book community have been searching and waiting for books that truly reflect how we move through the world. And now we’re finally getting the stories we want and need.

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NOVL LookBook: The Astonishing Outfits of Emily X.R. Pan

Last week, the paperback to the stunning, heartbreaking novel The Astonishing Color of After was released into the world. While the beautiful cover and read captures the eyes of readers across the country, I just need everyone to take a moment to take in the elegance and coordination of the author, Emily X.R. Pan, and her outfits. In fact, her outfits are so astonishing that it inspired us to start an entirely new series called the NOVL Lookbook.

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6 Books That Will Make You Fall in Love with the Countries They're Set in

If you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust like me, chances are you turn to books when you can’t pay for an international trip. While we can’t all jet off to fabulous foreign places, the best books set overseas make it feel like we’re right there with the characters. Here are some books that will make you fall in love with the countries they’re set in!

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What You Should Read Based on the Winners of the 91st Academy Awards

The Oscars were Sunday night. This year’s ceremony was a host-less affair with some surprise winners. Being a connoisseur of award shows, I had a blast. The fashion! The speeches! The drama! Which winner was your favorite? Which are you most excited to see? Tell us and we’ll give you a book rec to go with your choice!

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Characters We'd Like to Give Hugs to

Certain characters just need a really good hug. You know who I’m talking about. That character: the dark and twisty one with emotional baggage up the wazoo and too many dangerous pastimes. Here are just a few characters, I personally feel need an extra hug this year. Please chime in with your own nominees for Character Most in Need of Aggressive Hugging.

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The January 2019 NOVLBox!

Happy 2019, NOVLers! 🎉🎉🎉 We’re that much closer to all those 2019 book releases you’ve been oh-so-patiently waiting for.

In the meantime, to continue to tide you over, I’m here to introduce our next NOVLbox curator. We are so excited for her absolutely engrossing sophomore novel that we NEED someone else to talk to about it with…

This month’s curator is Samira Ahmed, author of Internment and Love, Hate & Other Filters!

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