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Pick an ice cream flavor, and we'll give you a summer read

In case you didn't know, July is National Ice Cream month, which means it's my favorite month since I can eat ice cream for DAYS (I literally scream for ice cream). In honor of the best month of the year, pick an ice cream flavor, and I'll give you a book to add to your summer TBR.

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Which royal court do you belong on?

And we'll always be ROYAALS [rooooyals]. There's so much to love about books with fictional royalty: the court intrigue, the scandals, the plot threads about questioning power and birthright, THE PRETTY CROWNS. So in honor of all our NOVL books about royal politicians, descendants, and spies, take this quiz and we'll tell you which bookish NOVL royal court you'd be a part of.

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The NOVL Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And because we are book lovers, we all know that the only thing book lovers give to other people as presents are…more books.

Because there’s so much happening in December (finals, end-of-the-year work parties…more reading…), I’ve conveniently created a gift guide for all your holiday shopping needs!

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