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At least 12 Characters We'd Hate to Get in a Fight With

Let’s be real here—there are some seriously scary (and badass) characters in YA lit where we’d have NO chance fighting whatsoever. I’d wave my white flag before it even starts. But this doesn’t stop us from appreciating their strength and resilience.

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Claire Eliza Bartlett's Guide to Survival in the Union of the North

by Claire Eliza Bartlett, author of We Rule the Night

The Union works day and night to ensure the preservation of our homeland in this total war. Trust in the Union, and follow all posted directives, approved radio instructions, bunker etiquette and curfew and ration law. They are made to protect not just you, but us all. Read this guide to ensure your survival in the Union of the North.

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What You Should Read Based on the Winners of the 91st Academy Awards

The Oscars were Sunday night. This year’s ceremony was a host-less affair with some surprise winners. Being a connoisseur of award shows, I had a blast. The fashion! The speeches! The drama! Which winner was your favorite? Which are you most excited to see? Tell us and we’ll give you a book rec to go with your choice!

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5 Books for When You Need a Vacation

YOU DESERVE A BREAK. All that working and studying you’ve been doing is really tiring you out. Unfortunately, not all of us can escape our daily lives right away (or escape this polar vortex UGH). So I’m glad that all I really need is a great book to relax, see new places, and take time off from my regular routine. If you are also in need of a vacation, here are some books that will help you get away!

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Pick a Holiday Movie, Get a Book Rec

Tis the season, yo! To compulsively binge watch holiday movies, that is. If you’re anything like me, you’ve devoted a not insignificant portion of your daily life to viewing (and re-viewing) your favorites. Why not break up that bingefest with a couple quality reads? Tell us your favorite holiday movies and we’ll recommend a book with just enough in common to tickle your fancy.

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What to Read Next Based on the 2018 Goodreads Choice Awards Winners

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! THE GOODREADS CHOICE AWARD WINNERS ARE HERE! Are you happy with the winners? Are there books you think got snubbed? Regardless, we here at NOVL are so excited for all the nominees and all the hard work that’s gone into these books. 2018 was such a rad year for the YA community!

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