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6 Books with Wardrobes I’d Love to Own

Have you ever been reading a book, and see the clothes described, and then look at your own closet in disappointment? Me. All the time. So here are the books I would love to jump inside of for the clothes. I’ll just continue to sit here pining after imaginary clothes and opportunities to wear them.

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6 Characters We Love to Hate Because They’re So Terrible but Brilliant but Mostly Terrible

There are some characters whose wicked ways are just too much fun to look away from. They may do some truly despicable and morally dubious deeds, but at the end of the day, you still kind of root for them anyway? They may do crime. They may end lives. They may try to end the entire world. Yet somehow, you still want to hang out with them and plunder their collection of excellent capes. Anywho…here are some our favorite characters we love to hate!

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Random Lines from Random Books We Randomly Pulled Off the Shelf…Randomly

In the name of quality content, we have decided that we will bring this game to you! Bill, Natali, and I all gathered in the LBYR library and carried out our mission, bringing you the best of the random book randomness that the book randoms can random. Randomly.

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