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Choose a book, and we'll tell you which book you chose

It's pretty self-explanatory so I don't think it warrants an entire explanation, but if you must need one, then the directions are to: choose a book. Once you do, we will tell you which book you chose, and what it's about. How did I choose these books, you didn't ask? Well, I just went through my folder of book covers and chose them...which is what you're going to do for this quiz.

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Only a True Faerie Will Get 15/20 on This Folk of the Air Quiz

Would you dare to enter the world of the fae, where the rules can bend and everything that glitters is dangerous, and most of what doesn’t glitter is dangerous too? Well, before you decide to take the plunge and enter into Elfhame, take our quiz to test your knowledge of the fairy realm. You may discover you know less than you thought!

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Direct Your Dream YA Contemporary, and We'll Give You A Book Rec

There are too many great YA contemporary novels that deserve to be made into movies—so how are you going to choose which one's the right book for you to adapt? By taking this NOVL quiz of course! Direct your dream teen contemporary movie, and we'll give you a book you should consider adapting.

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