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Pick your favorite horror movie, and we'll give you a book rec

Halloween is upon us! If you've been paying attention, you'll know Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love it so much! Honestly, I would dress up and go to haunted houses every day in October if I could. Alas, dressing as a witch or a goblin everyday is generally frowned upon, and there are no haunted houses close enough to my house for me to visit everyday. So how do I get my Halloween fix through the month of October? Movies and books, baby! But how to decide what to read next? I GOT YOU! Pick your favorite of these scary movies, and I'll give you a book to add to your TBR. Reader, beware! A spooky time awaits!

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Answer random questions, and we'll tell you which fantasy world you should escape to

We're readers and dreamers, so don't lie: we've ALL fantasized about setting our current life on fire and jumping into a fictional world Brigadoon-style till the end of time. We can't build a portal for you, but we can create a portal in your MIND (i.e. your imagination). Answer a set a random questions, and we'll tell you which fictional YA world you should escape to.

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Swipe Left or Right on These Characters, and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

YA book babes are better than real babes. Swipe left or right on these YA characters, and we'll guess your romantic relationship status! We are 100% psychic and can definitely predict this using the power of bOOks.

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