Why Twilight Is Just as Thrilling After the 20th Read

It’s no secret I’ve been an avid fan of Stephenie Meyer’s ingenious work since I was 10. Yes, my mother let me read these books at quite a young age (sorry, mom), but my imagination wouldn’t be where it is today without them, so thank you Stephenie and Mom for putting the series in my hands to devour.


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve read Twilight, though. Even after starting here at LBYR, I was nervous to pick it back up because, like anything you can love in life, what if I hyped it up too much in my preteen mind? Naturally I had doubts about my own judgement, especially looking back on a time when I ate mostly Flamin’ Hot Cheetos at lunch and had the bands in my braces match my assorted converse sneakers.

So, earlier this summer I was faced with a question: Are the books still just as thrilling and phenomenal after 14 years and 5 different movie adaptions? After the 20th read or so, I have an answer for you.



I won’t lie. Re-reading was like going on a date with your ex whom you haven’t spoken to in years yet think about often. You’re of course nervous but super excited. Twilight years later exceeded expectations. I can say without any reservations, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with this book.

The first thing I majorly noticed, that I felt wasn’t reiterated in the movies, is how intelligent Stephenie Meyer’s writing is. She’s able to say profound statements in simple terms, while adding literary back story for more context. Edward and Bella have intelligent conversations, delving into religion and the afterlife seamlessly. As someone who once quoted Shakespeare to her high school boyfriend (hey Drew, lol), this really gave my goat away and still does.

Piggy backing off of that, Edward and Bella have an intense relationship, but it’s also cute and comical. Like that one time Edward gave Tyler an in to ask Bella to the prom and cackled from his silver volvo, or when he genuinely wanted to know Bella’s favorite color. Bella also keeps up with Edward’s banter quickly, and even starts her own witty convos. Although Bella is clumsy, yes, she’s not awkward. She says what she needs to and fiercely protects the people she cares about. It’s no wonder teens (echem’ me) want to be more like her. She’s so relatable in the most human of ways, and I am here for it. 


Now now now what we’re all wanting to chat about… breh, Edward though. I’m excited to exclusively share that the image I had of Edward in my mind isn’t tainted after years and years of watching Robert Pattinson’s painted on abs in the New Moon movie. I dream of the day a man will surprise me with premade plans and make me faint from his kissing skills. Also, Edward is so sweet! He is patient as she trips over rocks during their hike, and even when they’re running from a sadistic deranged tracker, he listens to her very smart plan so they can protect Charlie. It’s all *swoon* worthy content people.


I giggled, stared open mouthed, blushed, and sighed at all the same parts I’d relished in before. It’s thrilling to read something you’ve fallen in love with over and over again, and to feel the same emotions. The Twilight Saga will go down in history as one of the greatest series of all time because it’s just down right delicious with every page turn. I’d definitely go pick this sucker back up if I were you! Now, on to New Moon