5 Books for When You Need a Vacation

YOU DESERVE A BREAK. All that working and studying you’ve been doing is really tiring you out. Unfortunately, not all of us can escape our daily lives right away (or escape this polar vortex UGH). So I’m glad that all I really need is a great book to relax, see new places, and take time off from my regular routine. If you are also in need of a vacation, here are some books that will help you get away!



by Claire Eliza Bartlett

A magical WWII Soviet Union inspired setting with feminist fighter pilots? As Luke Danes says in season 5 of Gilmore Girls: “I’m in. I am all in.” Not only were Linné and Revna absorbing, captivating characters, I was completely sucked in to this world. I do love magical alternate universes, and Bartlett’s Eastern European atmosphere puts me in an adventurous mood. Keep an eye out for this one in April!




by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy

 Gender bent. King Arthur retelling. IN SPACE. Need I say more? Okay, I guess I’ll say more. Our friends over at Jimmy Patterson are publishing an INCREDIBLE new sci-fi/fantasy book that is totally bingeable. Vacations are all about leaving your regular routine and seeing something new—and this breath of fresh air will definitely surprise you in the best ways possible. And you only have to wait until March for it to come out!  




by Ryan Graudin

Back in the days when I daydreamed too much in AP World History, I wished for a universe where I could travel wherever and whenever I wanted to. I wanted to sit in on the French salons during the Enlightenment, meet Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty, and write alongside Mary Wollstonecraft. So I was sold on Ryan Graudin’s time-traveling sci-fi novel, Invictus! Because time travel “doesn’t exist” right now, live vicariously through Far and Eliot’s adventures through the ages!




by April Lindner

I’m a big fan of sappy travel books, especially set in Italy (which holds a very special place in my heart <3). Which is why Love, Lucy is such a perfect pick when you need to leave the country! It has a perfect blend of Florence culture, swoonworthy romance, and coming-of-age revelations. *Wistfully sighs and wishes she was back in Europe*  




by Drew Brockington

Take a break from all those textbooks and enjoy the adorable CatStronauts graphic novel series by author/illustrator Drew Brockington! As I’ve said many times before: I like cats. I like space. I like cats in space. And whenever I’m in need of a break from my day, I’ll flip through a CatStronauts book—Waffles never fails to make me laugh.