The Cruel Prince Described in Vines

Alas, the death of Vine was the end of an era, but thank goodness for all the vine compilations that have made their way on to YouTube. Now, a Vine compilation may seem a simple thing, but NAY! TIS NOT. There is an art and, dare I say, majesty to a truly well put together vine compilation, and now we step into the ring with our meager attempts to amuse. THUSLY I present—The Cruel Prince as Vines. WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

How I imagine every fairy revel

Vivi just skipping through faerie like la-di-la

Nicasia in a nutshell


More Taryn. Doing Taryn things.

The coronation

Jude when she talks to Madoc about the tournament

How I imagine Taryn. All the time.

Jude and Taryn aging in a world of immortal faeries


Valerian coming into Jude’s room like

Jude FIguring things out after the coronation

Everyone plotting everything

Jude and Taryn…after IT happens…

Taryn @ Locke

Vivi just living her life and making things work

Jude and Cardan—always

Me reading the last 50 pages/waiting for QoN