Books to Help You Survive Freshman Year of College

Books to Help You Survive Your Freshman Year.png

If you’re one of the thousands of people entering their first year of college, we know you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions: that’s normal! 

The great unknown is ahead of you, but you’ve got this. And if you need some stories and characters to give you advice and help you along, here are some we think you should bring to survive your first year.


If you’re terrified of roommates…

Oh, the dreaded roommate assignment. Especially if you’ve had your own bedroom your whole life, the idea of living with someone else can seem horrifying. But some of the best friends you can make are those first people you share a space with in your dorm. Going into it with an open mind and an open heart could change the course of your four years, like it did for Elizabeth and Lauren in Roomies. We hope you and your freshmen roomie become just as close as them!



If your partner is hundreds of miles away…

When you and your partner are moving in separate directions for school, it’s scary to think about what will happen in the future. Clare and Aidan from Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between feel you, but take their advice: every ending is also a new beginning. Wherever you find yourselves in the next year, you’re only at the beginning of your next adventure. And if you need a good laugh, a good cry, or just straight up heartfelt wisdom, Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between is here for you. 


 If you’re prone to existential crises…

Isn't it exciting when all your plans for the future start to change 🙃🙃🙃? Carefully drawn out plans might crumble on campus, or it might hit you that you haven’t planned enough and that everyone else is millions of miles ahead of you. It’s easy to think that you’re going to feel lost all the time, but we promise it gets better! And in the meantime, you and Danny from Love & Other Carnivorous Plants might connect. We know that both of you can get through this! 


If you need a break from the #realworld…

Sometimes you just need to unplug. If classes start to get overwhelming, don’t be afraid to take a break, unwind, and get lost in someone else's problems! Dive into old, nostalgic favorites like Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy (and the illustrated Night of Cake & Puppets companion). We can’t guarantee they will make your problems go away, but we do think they’re the perfect escape.