Pick a Bookish Superpower, Get a Book Rec!

Bookish Superpower.png

Some people dream about having the power to fly. Others would rather be invisible or telekinetic. But what about bookish superpowers? If you ask us, those are the skills any self-respecting NOVLer should really consider. Take a look at our recommendations for what you should read based on the bookish superpower you’d want the most!


The power to always remember where you left off in a book.

You're forever losing bookmarks, dog-earing pages, and finishing a chapter only to realize you've already reached that cliffhanger!

If you'd pick this power, you should read:



When smart and studious Sammie McCoy is diagnosed with a genetic disorder that will slowly steal her memories, she starts keeping a journal for her future self. But a look back at her past inspires her to reexamine what exactly she wants to do with her life and who she wants to share it with.

The power to read 100 pages a minute.

Your mantra is "so many books, so little time"! You're a fast-paced plot addict who loves a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

If you'd pick this power, you should read:

court of fives by kate elliot

In a fantasy world reminiscent of the Roman Empire, Jessamy is an upper-class lady who longs for freedom. When she gets the chance to compete in the Fives, an intricate athletic competition, it sets of a chain of events that could topple her city's carefully balanced class system.



The power to always have your OTPs end up together.

You're a hopeless romantic with about twelve ride-or-die literary couples (yes, even though OTP is technically "one true pairing").

If you'd pick this power, you should read:


cloudwish by fiona wood

When popular boy Billy starts paying attention to Van Uoc, a quiet Vietnamese Australian teen, she becomes convinced that one of her secret wishes has actually started to come true. But is it the magic of first love or the magic of a well-timed hope that will inevitably come to an end?


The power to restore any book to brand-new condition.

You love that new book smell and an unbroken spine more than anything, and your shelves looks more pristine than Barnes & Noble's. 

If you'd pick this power, you should read:


heaven looks a lot like the mall by wendy mass

When Tessa is hit with a dodgeball and falls into a mystical coma, she finds herself at the mall--or at least, a version of "heaven" that looks like the mall. With each store she passes, she relives a bit of her life--frequently an incident where she wishes she'd done something different. Tessa must figure out how she can reset the past and awaken to a brighter future.



The power to re-read your favorite books like it’s the first time.

You love reminiscing about the stories you loved when you were a little kid and all your favorites are so well-worn, they're practically loosely bound pages at this point.

If you'd pick this power, you should read:


hello, goodbye, and everything in between by jennifer e. smith

The night before they leave for college, Clare and Aidan have one thing left to figure out: whether they should stay together or break up. A love story in reverse, this bittersweet novel about the power of revisiting cherished memories will stick with you long after you finish.

The power to watch everything you read unfold in front of you like a movie.

You love cinematic books that feel like big budget films, are always fan casting characters, and hate it when a movie adaptation leaves out crucial scenes.

If you'd pick this power, you should read:


defy the stars by claudia gray

Noemi Vidal, a soldier for the planet Genesis, and Abel, an advanced AI abandoned in space, should never have crossed paths. But when they do, these unlikely allies must embark on a daring journey across the stars.