The Evolution of a Cover: TYLER JOHNSON WAS HERE by Jay Coles

Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles is a beautiful debut, not only figuratively but literally. We've been obsessed with the cover ever since we've seen it. How could you not want to have the book on your shelves as soon as you see it?! It's such a powerful cover so we knew we had to find out more about how it came to be. The cover was designed by Marcie Lawrence with art by Charlotte Day.

First, there was actually a shoot for the cover! There was a casting for the model on the cover with a full-blown photoshoot! After going through several concepts, Marcie found the typeface she wanted to use. 


Marcie sent over the type to Charlotte, who came back with these absolutely beautiful drafts of Tyler Johnson Was Here's cover. 

Fun fact: a cover design usually goes through A LOT of renditions! They're called "killed" covers. Here are a select few for Tyler Johnson Was Here


Even the "killed" covers are absolutely stunning!! It took a lot of tweaking but finally, they arrived at the final cover: 

Tyler Johnson Was Here

Here's how it looks in person! it's so, so beautiful and would truly be a work of art on any shelf!